Huang Lu wearing Blancpain watch high imitation shine Singapore

December 4, 2016, the twenty-seventh Singapore International Film Festival grand opening, the stars gathered. The strength of Chinese actress Huang Lu, starring the film "a yellow bird" screen award finalists, wearing women's series the Milky Way replica watches Blancpain gorgeous debut, shining singapore. As one of the most important film festivals in Asia, the Singapore International Film Festival, a total of 52 countries from the 161 films and short films to participate in fierce competition. As a love movie, choose low-key, concentrate on acting actress Huang Lu with calm and explosive characters, repeatedly invited on the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival red carpet, become China only one grand slam finalists three international film festivals in Europe after the 80 star. This time, Huang Lu accompanied the expedition again is the fourteenth session of the Geneva senior watch Award Best Womens Watch - women's series of inverse jump the Milky Way eccentric Blancpain rolex replica. As a famous uk replica watches brand Blancpain, always adhere to the characteristics of elegant ladies watch, with noble women's life dialogue. For Huang Lu, it is a blockbuster debut "blind mountain", and won fifty-first Golden Horse Award for best feature film, six awards of the "massage", she has chosen for the domestic first-class "author film" with wonderful performances, the pursuit of ideal art film. In recent years, she frequently with independent directors from the United States, Holland, Singapore and other countries and regions, showing a unique international vision and a strong role in the interpretation of the ability. In addition, she is also actively involved in the production of commercial films, eager to independent literature and art, dedication both at the box office and the quality of the word of mouth. Worn by Huang Lu Blancpain women's series of inverse jump the Milky Way watch with her eccentric qualities to complement each other, exquisite bright and elegant women between sublimation, to show the colorful exquisite skills and profound skill. This watch is inlaid with 152 diamonds. Among them, the total 1 carat diamond was 108 to 36.8 mm above the red gold watchcase. The crown is inlaid with exquisite diamond watch, is elegant.