Luxury Audemars Pigeut new ultra-thin gold base calendar section of high replica watches

The new Audemars Pigeut ultra-thin gold uk replica watches has been the calendar calendar section of Audemars Pigeut DNA, for half a century, this field has been innovation, Audemars Pigeut in 1955 launched the first leap year display calendar replica watches uk, this is a great breakthrough in technology, Audemars Pigeut can put between the watch level functions into the watch case of confusion. Audemars Pigeut for the first time in 1978 to create the world's thinnest calendar watch, quartz crisis era, AP can overcome the difficulties, the development of only 3.95 mm thick thin calendar swiss replica watches. Audemars Pigeut's latest generation of Royal Oak perpetual calendar is launched in 1998 25820, the size is 39 mm, equipped with ultra-thin automatic calendar movement, the thickness of only 4 mm, this movement and Audemars Pigeut widely differ in that the former has a leap year display. In 2015, Audemars Pigeut watchmaking finally decided to carry out a substantial improvement in the movement. Launched the Royal Oak slim proved Audemars Pigeut calendar 26574, table has been in constant pursuit of perfect calendar, the movement also upgraded automatic chain ultra-thin new design. Today, we appreciate the 2016 launch of the gold material. Although collectors love the original Royal Oak, 39 mm in size, but in the era of change, the new calendar is a large 2 mm, 41 mm, the thickness of only 9.5 mm; feeling four small disk calendar in Lao Wan is relatively large, occupy the space scale. New disk layout is more perfect.